At Elements, we understand how amazing web content can make your business soar

we believe having GREAT, AUTHENTIC digital content helps to sell your vision.

Elements are a delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We don’t need to try hard to sell our events anymore.
— Laurence McCahill, The Happy Startup School

Elements strive to help small business owners give their ideas the best chance of wild success possible. Whatever project you're about to launch, nurture or grow, we're here to help you get the images, styling, graphics, and videos right first time. 


We've been known to style + photograph for:

  • Website launches/rebrands 
  • Head shots for books, graphics and media 
  • Sales and product pages 
  • Brochures and press releases
  • Authors, founders and co-founders in action
  • Instagram packages 
  • Workshops, events and retreats
  • B&Bs, shops, homes, offices and cafés (in some cases the photos have been featured in magazines)
  • Imagery for online classes, downloadable worksheets
  • Multi-purpose graphics backdrops

Photography prices start from £150. Email us with your project. 


We've been known to style, storyboard and shoot:

  • Showreels for websites
  • Promo videos for e-courses
  • Kickstarter videos
  • Online classes
  • Tutorials
  • Promo videos for events
  • Talks and workshops


We work with a visual media stylist, Fifi, for all photography and videography shoots booked through Elements. She runs the initial consultation call to suss out the vibe and values of your business, then manages, gathers and styles props and people on shoot.

Having her around takes the stress off you having to think about locations, which props to bring, which colours will work, creating shot lists, and the rest... she does all the ground work, paying attention to your brand and voice.

Hair + Makeup

We often hire the very best hair and make up artists for shoots. Hiring a MUA is optional but recommended as they tune in to what will enhance your beauty on camera and have you feeling your best for the shoot.


Our focus is always on Quality, Speed, and Authenticity.

We know you want the best, on time, content that's delivered in a way that's true to you and your brand, and that's what we strive to give.

After a thorough consultation to get to know you, your mission and your brand, we work with our clients on a proposal that feels authentic to who you are and what you're trying to say. 

Then the fun work starts!

Drop us an email and tell us about your project. 

These guys are so great to have around that I would pay them to join our projects even without their cameras (p.s. their work is the bomb!)
— Jack Hubbard, Propellernet/Dream Valley Projects